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For eighty years this story cried out to be told.
Now the screen tells it as no other medium can… with power, poignancy, drama and importance… for the first time !

Here, in the midst of drama and reality, the most unusual motion picture in many years, in the screen version of the celebrated best-seller.
Acclaimed by famous authors !
…and take our word for it… it is the comedy hit of the year !
A blistering story of vice and passion !
The daring story of one man’s reign of terror.
He ruled men’s lives by making the laws in Washington for men who knew no laws !
The tricks… the fixes… for the first time on the screen, comes a mighty story with all the adventure the screen can hold !
A story so explosive they had to pass a law.
A story of the three elemental passions… love… hate… fear…
Enacted by a superb cast of thousands, with all that’s wonderful in entertainment and a cast of thousands !
There are 2000 people in this scene !
The stuff that entertainment dreams are made of, and a cast of thousands, and fire !
Plundering outlaws terrorize the west with the call to war… and a vast cast of thousands !
One of the most important and exciting pictures… another motion picture masterpiece… it is the most talked-about motion picture, based on the epic story of the best selling novel.
Thrill-thundering adventure to inflame your emotions, aimed at the heart of the world.
The sensational story of a crime empire… behind prision walls !
The startling story the world has only guessed at, never known until now !
Exciting !
Rumbling !
Romancing !
Bare fisted hate exploding into shocking headlines !
Shocking !
Startling !
New thrills !
Stand by for action you’ve never seen before !
Action !
Big Action entertainment !
Magnificent Action !
Action… to lash your emotions !
Super-charged suspense…
Suspense and high-tension suspense… reaching new heights of suspense !
In an adventure of utter suspense.
Suspense such as the screen has never Known !
Suspense and excitement.
Suspense in the night !
Intrigue at dawn !
Suspicion ’round the clock !
…As the great white hunter grows with every word… every touch… every kiss !
As big as it looks !
In a story that searches the danger: It reveals all the bare facts.
Women and women of fire proving again and again it’s all about women… and their men !
Men, maids, morals and more…
A caravan of women braving the wilderness to a rendezvous with men who hungered for love…
Spectacular !
Great music to the beat of one woman’s heart !
It’s a… lightning-paced soty of a guy who made adventure his career… and women his hobby !
You’ll thrill to the shock-tudded adventures of this hot-blood.
Never before has the screen combined such talent and artistry in one great picture !

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