¡A la Huelga! (de Arte)

Art Strike, Stewart Home – Neoísmo

huelga arte_goldmich_26270.jpg
Art Strike, Art Workers Coalition, ca. 1970.
Art Strike, Stewart Home – Neoísmo.
Huelga de Arte, Industrias Mikuerpo.
Huelga de Arte, Industrias Mikuerpo.
Huelga de Arte, Merz Mail
huelga arte.jpg
Huelga de Arte, Clemente Padín, 2000.

International Day without Art

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  1. el enlace no chuta
    No obstante aqui va la info sobre la huelga de arte de Gustav Metzer:
    In his 1962 «Manifesto World», Metzger had described gallery owners as «stinking fucking cigar smoking bastards». By 1970, Metzger was London organiser of the «International Coalition For The Liquidation Of Art». (1) In the catalogue accompanying «Art Into Society, Society Into Art» (lCA London, Octobe/November 1974), Metzger called for a three year art strike between 1977 and 1980. (2) During this period artists would ‘not produce work, sell work, permit work to go on exhibition, and refuse collaboration with any part of the publicity machinery of the art world’. The protest itself was a failure: Metzger was the only artist to strike and the art world, contrary to Metzger’s wishes, did not collapse. However, the exercise bore more than a bitter fruit, because by refusing to produce art, Metzger was refusing the role of an artist. This single gesture demonstrated the fallacy of popular ideas about artists as individuals possessed by an uncontrollable creative urge. It also showed that it was possible to break with the privileged positions certain militants had come to occupy within capitalist society. Metzger realised what Vaneigem and various other specto-situationists could only partially theorise – the rejection of roles – and for this alone he will not be forgotten.
    Es del Asalto a la Cultura de Stewart Home

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